About ARC

ArcRise Comics (ARC for short) is a creator-owned and operated digital comic platform and agency.

That's it. That's... all there is to say.


Ok, so maybe there's a bit more to us than a single line description, but hey, everyone's gotta have an elevator pitch!

ARC is Special

Okay, so maybe it's a little silly to refer to ourselves as special, but we really do feel that way.

ARC is the product of years of observation and experience in the digital realm of the comic industry. We've paid close attention to our predessors and made notes of what worked, what didn't work, how we could improve upon it, and most importantly, what's missing.

Don't believe us? Let's examine the evidence:

Self-Sufficient Design

Rather than accepting a ton of money from third party sources and pray we hit it big before the funding runs out, ARC has focused on slow growth and sustainability. It is incredibly important to us that the site is able to maintain itself first and foremost. For that reason, we have taken no outside investment and bootstrapped this business from the outset.

Creator (and Creative) Freedom

Almost all webcomic platforms boast this, but we really mean it. We have no interest in seizing the rights to the comics we work with because without nourishment from their creators, those comics won't flourish. If you created it, you own it, past, present and future.

Community Driven

Before you get the wrong idea, no, we're not trying to be the next Facebook-for-comics; being community driven means that we're not only invested in your reading material, but we're invested in the experience you have while you're with us. We're not just the owners of the company, we're a part of the community as well and we want it to be an enjoyable, memorable experience for everyone.

We love comics and we think you do too. Why else would you be here?

Equal Opportunity

Every creator deserves their moment in the spotlight but with thousands of comics all over the internet vying for attention... how do you get noticed?

We're making your discovery our responsibility. Whether it's more powerful search tools, or a featured spot on the homepage, ARC wants to make sure that no hidden gem goes unnoticed.

The Dream Team


The Mastermind

Ashikai has been working in the comic industry for nearly 10 years, and has been creating comics even longer. She's most well known for her work on the webcomic platform Inkblazers. She's responsible for everything. Seriously. Everything is her fault.


The Design Genie

Everything Austen touches becomes beautiful; it's both a blessing and a curse he struggles with every day. He takes care of the site's design, branding, and basically anything you can see. Words, pictures, you name it, glamorizes it!


The Code Whisperer

This guy is a magician. Code drips from his fingertips like magic and with a flick of his wrist he grants websites new powers! Glitches fear him. Bugs cower in his presence! Errors flee in terror!



+ Do I retain rights to my comic?

Yes! Your comic belongs to you 100% of the time and posting on ARC does not grant us anything beyond the non-exclusive rights to display and host your work on our website. See our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

+ How often do I need to update my comic?

The short answer: As often as you like. ARC has no requirements as to how frequently you update or how many pages you need to post when you do update. In terms of visibility, it's better to update more frequently, but we think that creators should make that decision.

+ Do I get paid?

Not yet. Our first priority is to get the site to pay for itself, and then we'll begin rolling out our creator payment program.

+ Can I use ARC as a mirror?

Yes, we don't ask for exclusivity, so you can post your comic wherever you like.

+ How do I become a premium/featured creator?

We don't... have that kind of thing. Popular comics will be popular whether they're considered premium comics or not and we feel that separating our comics out into tiers has detrimental effects that include (but are not limited to:

  • Poor visibility for lower-tier comics
  • Un-friendly competition
  • Lower morale
  • A lot of confusion

That said we do feature comics on our homepage and social outlets regularly. You don't have to do anything to get featured in that respect. We read EVERYTHING on the site and we do our best to make sure that every comic gets a shot.

+ I made an account but I can't find where I upload my comic! HELP!

You must submit your comic in order to get creator access for your account.

While ARC is a non-exclusive platform, we do have a couple of guidelines that we ask creators to follow. You can read more about this on our Submissions page.


+ How can I support my favorite comics?

As ARC grows we'll be rolling out many ways you'll be able to directly support authors, but for now spreading the word is the best way to help!

+ I want to get involved! Are you hiring?

We're not hiring at the moment, but if you still want to be involved in some way get in touch with us. You never know.